The Face of Cassia

Lake Ridge Assisted Living Director of Health Services, Amber Crawford

Face of Caring – National Nurses Month – May 2021

Cassia is celebrating our nurses this month! We want you to meet Lake Ridge Assisted Living Director of Health Services Amber Crawford. Amber has worked at Lake Ridge in Buffalo, Minnesota for nine years. She is “a dedicated nurse who strives to give residents the best care possible,” says Lake Ridge Housing Director Kasey Laney. Not only is Amber willing to help wherever and whenever she is needed; she listens closely to staff and resident concerns. If a staff member is struggling, she makes sure to be by the staff member’s side during training until they become comfortable.

“Amber is an amazing nurse,” says resident Connie Viccione. “She is a caring and compassionate presence in my life. She is always on top of whatever needs to be done and I appreciate that so much. I feel very blessed that she is part of my life.”

What excites Amber most about coming to work? “I love hearing residents’ stories, which are so special,” Amber says. “I also love working alongside our wonderful staff.” Thank you, Amber, for all you do every day to honor the field of nursing.